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Warmth of the house by jderril
Warmth of the house
Fall is upon is, its raining outside, so she will look for the warmth of her house...

Something random
Not as muscular as my usual pieces, but I so loved this shot. 
Playing around by jderril
Playing around
Gemma noticed him looking at her. With each set, pumping up her unreal muscle bigger than before. Her biceps were already more triple his size. 
It wasn't hard for her to know what he was thinking. And Gemma was enjoying the attention, every bit of it, fueling her to press out set after set, rep after rep.

She lay down on the seat. Each side of the chest press loaded too 80 kilo's.  A Massive ammount, for anyone to press. She grabbed the handles and started pushing. one, two, three reps, and with a loud bang she let the handles slip back into place. She sound so loud it woke up everyone in the gym. She took a few seconds to catch her breath. And then motioned him. "Can you help? I want to do at least three more reps of this.." Gemma asked him. He ofcourse more than eager to help, the smile on his face, like a fat kid in a candy store, he rushed over and stood behind her. 

"You know what?" Gemma said... "Let's up the stakes, add two more plates". And so he grabbed two more plates, and positioned them on the rack, one on each side. Gemma giggled. "I ment two plates on each side silly!" ... He stopped for a second and took a deep breath. Then added the extra plates. The machine was screeching and well above its intended maximum weight. Each side of the machine now mounted with 120 kilo's... She would try to press more then he could legpress! No way she could.

"Ready?" Gemma asked, taking a deep breath. Grabbing the handles tight she pushed, puffing and moaned. He helped with all his might, giving it all he's got, but somehow it felt like it didn't budge. But slowly the weight started to move.. the metal of the machine crying from the overloaded machine. It took them both all of their last ounces of might to move one rep. *BAAAM* as the weight smashed back into place the entire machine moved backwards, its metal feet sinking slightly into the concrete floor.

"Sorry" He says to Gemma. "I think this might just be to much to handle". 

Gemma pauses for a second, than adds .. "aaah! Come one, one more try!"... And so he grabs the handle and starts taking a deep breath. The same second Gemma's face changes, a big smile enters her face, her heavy breathing is exchanged for total tranquility. *WHOP* The handles, the metal, the weights, start moving forward with a swing. One, two, three, four, his hands following the handles, totally uncontrollably he is pulled in, and back, and in, and so on.... 

Ten, Eleven, Twelve reps. Dazed and confused he stands there dumbfounded, as he was fooled by this unreal woman who just pulled a prank on him and chest pressed 240 kilo's of weights with a smile.

I kind of forgot about this girl, a mistake I will most definitely fix!
Which muscular super powered celeb would you like to spot?

Journal History

I've kinda lost all track of the requests I've gotten over the last few months. So I've decided to do the following.
I am going to forget everything I've received so far and going to start over. I hate how notes work. So if u feel like requesting something, mail me.

My rules of engagement are as following:

- Let me know what you'd like me to do. A person, a face, a bodytype, what size of musculature (maybe give reference) and if you prefer pecs or breast. A setting or pose. The better you describe, the more I can make it like you want it. But if u just want to request a certain person, and leave the rest to me, thats fine too!

- Send it to: 
jackderril [at] gmail [dotcom]

- I won't be making everything I receive, basically because its to much, and I have to little time. Also I won't make things I dislike. 

- You can request me to make you something in Private, If I do, I will publish it hiding the private part for the rest. (For example a different face). 

- You can send me images in the attachment you would like me to use. But if quality is to low, I might decide not to use it. 

- Be sure to mention your DA name in the e-mail so I can mention you when/and if its done.

- [EDIT] If u send me a request that does not comply with the above, I will ignore it, rather that mail you back with questions. 

Morphing is something I do for fun in my spare time, which isn't a lot. Requests help me to explore different things, explore my boundaries and its just nice to make something for someone else. But in the end, its a fun experience for me, and I will only do it when and if its fun for me. 

Best regards,


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Photoshop Hobbyist.
Love female muscle art and photomanipulations.
Great fan of Manga, Anime, Sci-Fi.
Cosplay is awesome!

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